1. Finding sights
    1. Recommended process
      1. Open the New segment on the Seek screen.
      2. Tap on Show me sights nearest to me. It will ask you to allow the app to access your location. Allow it.
      3. Swipe up to browse the photos and pick one that you are interested in.
      4. Tap on the photo to see a larger photo, the clues and the approximate location.
      5. Given this information, you must try to figure out where the photo was taken and go there.
      6. The approximate location is the center of the 1 degree latitude by 1 degree longitude block in which the sight is. For example, an approximate location of 33.5°S 18.5°E means that the correct location is somewhere in the block from 33°S to 19°E. If you tap the pin button, it will show a map with a white polygon with the borders of this block.
      7. If you have bought a premium subscription, you can place a pin on the map.
        1. Tap the pin button to open the Pin your guess screen.
        2. Either, zoom in on the map and pan to find the place where you think the sight is and then give the map a long tap.
        3. Or, tap the green pin button. This will place the pin in the middle of the map.
        4. You can drag the pin to change its location.
      8. Drive and walk to the place where you think the sight might be.
      9. If you have bought a premium subscription, you can use the main map to see all the pins that you've placed on the map.
        1. The map shows all the pins that you've placed on the map.
        2. The blue circle shows where you are now.
        3. Travel until you are near one of your pins.
        4. Tap on the pin to get back to the screen for that sight.
      10. Once you are at the place where you think the photo was taken, tap the spade button. Allow it to access your location.
      11. It will use your GPS coordinates to check if you are at the right location where the photo was taken.
      12. If you are correct, you'll see a picture of a treasure chest. Tap the treasure chest to check if it contains a secret message left by the person who added it.
      13. If you are incorrect, you'll see a picture of a boot.
      14. If you have found the sight, the sight will move to the Found section of the Seek screen.
  2. Adding sights
    1. Taking photos
      1. The app lets you pick any photo that is already on your phone. If the photo doesn't contain accurate GPS data, you'll get a notice that you cannot use the photo.
      2. From now on, when you are walking around, get in the habit of taking photos of things that might be a challenge for your friends to find. Sometimes you could stand close to something to make it more tricky to figure out what is in the photo.
      3. You don't have to add a sight immediately after taking a photo. When you are walking around, just take photos and start thinking about what clues you could give someone to find it. Later, when you have time, you can come up with clues and add the sights.
      4. When framing your photo, think about whether there are enough visible clues in the photo so that someone can find the exact place where you stood when you took the photo. It helps if there is something in the foreground and something in the background that people can line up.
    2. Uploading photos
      1. Don’t use a photo taken at a location that the public are not allowed to enter. It is okay if people need to get a permit to enter.
      2. Don’t use a photo that you have shared with your friends or on the Internet already.
        1. The reason is that it will make it too easy for your friends to find it. If someone has the original photo that you took, they could look at the EXIF codes in the photo which contains the exact GPS coordinates. We alwasy automatically remove all the EXIF codes from the photos when they are uploaded through the app.
      3. Only use a photo that you took yourself and to which you own the rights.
      4. You grant a perpetual license to use the photo.
    3. Writing clues
      1. Use Google Earth
        1. The desktop version of Google Earth has a measuring tool that is very useful.

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