Sightseeking is an app that turns sightseeing into a treasure hunt game. It is ideal for getting kids to look outside the car at nature instead of just playing games that absorb all their attention.

You get a photo and clues and have to try to figure out where the photo was taken and then go there. You can then tap the spade button to check if you have found the correct location.

It is similar to geocaching, but instead of receiving the exact coordinates, you'll only know in which 1 degree latitude by 1 degree longitude (about 100km by 100km) block it is. You must then use the clues and what you see in the photo to deduce the exact location of the treasure.

Also, with geocaching there is something physical buried. With sightseeking it is virtual, which means that sights can be added anywhere where the public are allowed to go.

You can add new sights and challenge your friends to find them. Simply pick a photo and provide clues. You can also add a secret message that will only be visible to people who have found the sight. From now on, get in the habit of taking photos of interesting sights that you want to challenge your friends to find. You can later think of clues and add the sights to the app.

All the above features are free of charge.

If you buy a premium subscription, the ads will be hidden, giving you more screen space to look at the photo. You'll also have the option to view higher resolution images so that you can see more detail.

With a premium subscription, you can also place pins on the map where you think the sight might be. This makes it easier when you later go looking for sights, because you can just keep the map open until you are near a place that you've pinned.

Install the app to play this game.

Recently added sights:

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